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Many companies need personalized solutions to help meet their needs. Equipped has worked with companies that have over 2500 employees and organizations with less than 50 in their work force. Our commitment to excellence remains the same.
Some of our Custom Solutions include:
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion plan implementation
  • Facilitating Mission, Vision and Core Value creation that helps define the type of employee who will be wildly successful in your organization
  • Identification of the Critical Roles that drive the most value and growth in the company.
  • Assessing employees Potential to understand who is delivering and driving the value of the company
  • Performance Management processes to ensure clear expectations are set, consistent feedback is given, and employees are rewarded for their contributions
  • Succession Plan development to ensure you have enough ready now candidates to fill your critical roles
All of this is then augmented with Development Opportunity Identification, including action learning facilitation, leadership development and broad-based employee training via Portal.


Equipped - Anti-Harassment & Anti- Discrimination Training


Equipped - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Implementation


Equipped - Wellness Implementation


Equipped - Character Development Implementation


Equipped - Leadership & Management Mastery Implementation



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