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At our core is an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the business we are today. 
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DaMar & Carissa Dowell

DaMar & Carissa are the Co-Founders of Equipped. They have years of experience in Leadership spanning across several industries. Their time in these various spaces served them well as they have galvanized different experts to help build the content and consulting services that Equipped offers.
They’re course topics include Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace, Ethics, Implicit Bias and Healthy Communication. DaMar loves performing live as a musician and Spoken Word Poet, while Carissa loves all things dancing. 


Kate Piazza

Kate Piazza is an advocate for Health, Wholeness and Diversity. She has been both an Executive Director for a local Boys and Girls Club, as well as a Program Director for a local YMCA.
Kate has been instrumental in the development of Curriculum for Equipped. Course topics she teaches include Microagressions & Healthy Lifestyle Choices. Kate enjoys traveling with her “Tiny Human” son.

John Cammarano

John has been a financial and life success coach for the past 27 years helping thousands of people realized their potential and obtain financial freedom.
He is one of our main instructors for Mental and Financial Wellness including topics like The Successful Wheel Balance & The 10 Commandments of Financial Success. John is a true philanthropist and enjoys traveling and spending time with his daughters. 

Demeris Johnson 

Demeris has been pillar in Western NY since ending His NFL career in the late 90’s. He has worked as a Director for the Community Action Organization for the past 10 years, where he oversees multiple community centers.
Some of the topics that Demeris teaches include The Benefits of Preparation & Racial Equity. Demeris enjoys working out and spending time with wife, children and his new grand child.

Jeff Lupinacci

For the past 25 years, Jeff Lupinacci has been a Human Resource and Global Top Talent manager for companies like Intel, Kimberly Clark and Unifrax, LLC.
Jeff brings his wealth of knowledge to courses like, Top Talent Development Strategies & 10 Keys to being a Great Manager. Jeff enjoys watching Baylor Football and spending time with his wife and children

David M. Pinkston

David is a Motivational Speaker and Life Success Coach, focused on helping individuals overcome traumatic events in their life.
His experience as a program counselor with Family and Children Services has helped create courses like Communication in times of Crisis. David is a devoted husband and loving father and an amazing drummer.

Ekaete Bailey

For over a decade, Ekaete has held several roles in training and leadership, and found creative ways to engage in employee-centered projects as a part of her work.
Her skills in diversity, communications and public relations, have led to her creating courses in Discrimination & Anti-Harassment. Ekaete cherishes her time with her husband and children, and serves on the board of directors for an organization that supports orphanages and youth centers around the world.

Nancy Baun

Nancy is an active classical cellist with over 25 years of experience presenting interdisciplinary arts/STEAM workshops. She spent 10 of those years a classroom teacher. Her courses include spread throughout practical wellness and communication.
As a cellist, she has performed over 1,000 events throughout the US, Switzerland, France, Italy, Iceland, and Canada.