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Equipped takes a "Master Class"  approach towards Professional Development.

Our team is comprised of experts across a plethora of fields, giving you access to a multitude of solutions for your organization. 


DaMar RaeShawn Dowell

There it is.JPG
DaMar is the CEO of Equipped Trainings. He has spent the last 15 years as a business owner, educator, and leader in the community. His greatest joy is being with his wife and business partner and their 4 amazing children, Nevaeh, Jacob, Sarah, and Joshua.

Carissa Peña Dowell

DSC09458 (1).jpg
Carissa specializes in all things project management is the COO of Equipped Trainings. For over 10 years she has facilitated one-to-one and small group coaching in both the non-profit space, and within companies and organizations.

Jeff Lupinacci

Jeff Lupinacci Photo.png
Jeff is the Co-Founder Evolve HR Solutions. He is a former Chief Talent and Integration Officer with 20+ years of experience in HR, Finance, IT, and M&A at Intel and Kimberly Clark. Jeff has lived in eight countries and is currently based in Dallas, Tx. He is a published author, an Adjunct Professor at Baylor University, and is passionate about growing talent

Ekaete Bailey

Ekaete Pic_edited.jpg
For the past 15+ Years, Ekaete has served as a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) leader and advocate across a variety of industries. Ekaete is the founder of DEI Artist, a DEIA executive coaching and thought leadership firm, and has maintained a senior leadership role within Fors Marsh, as the Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility.

Abby Anderson

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Abby is a coach, consultant, and facilitator focused on supporting individuals and organizations to infuse equity and belonging into their relationships, leadership, and organizations. For the past 20 years she has been a catalyst for authentic change and is the founder of The Justice Walk, offering coaching and technical assistance rooted in equity, justice, and belonging. Nancy Baun

Demeris Johnson

Demeris Johnson.jpg
Demeris has been pillar in Western NY since ending His NFL career in the late 90’s. Across a variety of industries including non-profits, ministry, and professional coaching, he has equipped a multitude of individuals with the tools they need to succeed. Demeris is a published author and an ordained minister.

Leslie Johnson

240836C5-0B15-4F82-935A-2B717BD0AEB4 (1)
Leslie has been an educator on various levels for the past 25 + years. As an instructional coach in with Buffalo Public Schools, she has facilitated diversity trainings to the staff, lead Restorative Circles with students and/or staff regarding Culturally and Linguistic Responsive Instruction (CLRI)

Kate Piazza

Kate Piazza pic.png
Kate is an advocate for Health, Wellness, and Diversity. For over 15 years She has served in various industries including as an Executive Director for a local Boys and Girls Club, as well as the Program Director for a local YMCA.

David Pinkston

David is the CEO of DMP Speaks and has been serving families in various capacities for the past 10 years. As a family restoration specialist, he is proficient in training and coaching families to rebuild family dynamics through education and development of self esteem and personal confidence.

Nancy Baun

Practical Wellness.png
Nancy is an active classical cellist with over 25 years of experience presenting interdisciplinary arts/STEAM workshops. She uses the power of music to bring tangible solutions towards developing in leadership

Katlin Fournier

066A3831-176C-489A-8C98-7111285085CB (1)
For 10+ years, Katlin has used her education in Hospitality as an assistant General Manager to provide compassion and care wherever she has served. She is proficient in training, recruiting, and all things project management.

Otis Sheppard

10DD0F8A-37EA-4DB8-B302-417847BCC909 (1).jpg
For over 20 years, Otis has worked in social work and education, focusing oncurriculum development, training, and professional development. He has developed curricula for high schools, and job and family services in Ohio.
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